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Our Mission


Comanche Academy is a placed-based elementary School where the Comanche (Numunu) Culture language is the instructional format, we will nurture strong, compassionate bilingual young people who are committed to their personal and community health, wellness, relationships and progress.

Comanche Academy is a free public charter school that strives to provide an inclusive, culturally-sustaining and academically-rigorous education for all students. Our holistic model is student-centered.

CACS - tʉreetʉ puha tekwʉ̠tsitʉ


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A Comanche-centered education combines the mind, body and spirit. The mind (cognition) cannot be separate from education for the body. The body is a vessel seen as a divine spirit. As a result, the education for mind and body is linked to education for the spirit. Therefore, a Comanche-centered curriculum appeals to the intellect, the humanity, and the spirituality in the learner. In order to make such an appeal, those in charge of teaching and learning must bear in mind that philosophy and thought as well as be convinced of the inherent intellectual capability, humanity, physical capability, and spiritual character of the learner.

An education process with such a firm moral foundation requires a corresponding quality plan of operation.  Comanche-centered methods of education emphasize the mentoring, apprenticeship and sociopolitical learning. The content of the educational process includes those things that would help the learner to advance individually along with their families. The intent of this holistic process is to build and develop positive and healthy familial relationships.

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